Our Services 


Business Transformation

Customer-centric organisations allow customer needs to constantly shape their market strategies and operating models. Our expertise allows us to help you refine those strategies, define your operating models, identify the enabling customer success platforms, and create a programme of work to deliver it.


independent advisory

Whether embarking on a new customer strategy or focusing your efforts, IngenuIT can help. The main objective of our business is to be an objective, independent adviser, to ensure that both your business stakeholders and your System Implementation partner can deliver the best possible outcome for you.

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architecture review

Organisations often struggle with their core CRM platforms, uncertain of the inherent capability of the systems. We conduct architectural reviews to shed light on the health of your implementations and programmes. These reviews can be at the ecosystem level, covering integration and data management, or detailed internal reviews in the case of Salesforce.


Salesforce FAST START

Fast Start is a standard offering for new Salesforce customers that enables you to leverage out-of-the-box capabilities in the shortest possible time. With fixed price and scope, Fast Start includes standard configuration of a core cloud product: Sales, Service, Pardot or Marketing Cloud. Additional scope to cover customisation and integration can be added if required.


Salesforce Development

IngenuIT offers the right resources to either collaborate with your internal resources as one team, or take on full responsibility for the creation of additional capability in your Salesforce org. While we have confidence to take on all CRM challenges, our core development skills and expertise lie in Salesforce Communities and App development.


Salesforce repair

We recognise the reality that some Salesforce implementations don't go well. Through poor advice, inexperience, lack of expertise, over-customisation, or ineffective governance, your Salesforce investment can get ‘stuck’.  IngenuIT can identify the right way to remediate (new, repair, divest), prepare a programme or work, and then lead a team to execute it.